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About Bio World Aquatics

fresh water fish, marine water fish, dry goods, aquatic plants

Bio World Aquatics:- is a brand name created by Bio World Holdings (Pvt) Ltd for ornamental Fish exports located in Sri Lanka. Bio World Aquatics is a full time exporter of live ornamental fish and aquatic plants to many destinations around the word. The company is legally registered as an exporter and has obtained all necessary quarantine approvals to be eligible to provide any kind of health certificate to suit any destination.

Bio World is situated in a city called Kotadeniyawa “which is 45 minutes away from the Colombo International air port. The company owns a 2.5 acre land accommodating a fresh water fish breeding unit, quarantine, stock holding and a packing facility. In addition over 100 breeder/growers supply different species adding variety to our weekly offer on the list. We do supply Marine ornamental fish and aquatic plants too.

We have employed qualified and experienced personnel to be part of our energetic team.  The fish are supervised from day one to salable and the prophylactic treatments are done on time. In addition we have taken strict measures to carry out the husbandry practices on time in order to maintain the best water quality in the tanks.

The fish which are salable are offered on a weekly basis to the customers. The fish are quarantined from 5-7 days and pre-packed for a minimum of 36-48 hours prior to exports.

We do our best to ship the best fish at all times, but we appreciate the customer feedback to rectify the issues and to correct them prior to the next order.

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